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The Problem With Men

When it comes to learning something new, men have a huge problem. It's called EGO! Just about any trainer will tell you that women are much better listeners and they follow instructions better. Women are more trainable, better students then men and generally will show more progress faster than most men. This does not mean that women are smarter than men (depends on what you mean by smart). Women, in general, have a more open mind about learning new things, and they don't have the attitude that they already know more than the trainer! I don't care if you are a high speed operator with 20 years of experience, been to every training class known to man, in the best shape of your life and good looking on top of all that, there is more to learn.

This is the 2nd sign you see as you enter the CSAT Training Grounds in Nacogdoches, TX.

You need to have an open mind and a clean heart to be able to learn that one more thing. This sign is a great reminder to do just that as you enter. Think about it, if you already know more and are more proficient than the instructors, why are you there? You keep your mind open, listen, absorb, sort through the information given, retain what works for you and learn something new!

In one class I was involved in as an instructor trainee, one of the students happened to be an officer in a large metro PD. He had all the high speed gear and clothes, came into class already thinking he knew a lot more than anyone there. On the first day he had a negligent discharge while on the line. The .223 round hit about 6 inches in front of his foot. There was dead silence for about 5 seconds after the round went off. After making sure everyone was OK, he was quietly ushered off to the side for some counseling, then quickly and professionally sent on his way back home. Class over for that individual. You do not want to be that guy! I don't relate this to scare you away from trying something new, but as an example of what not to do. Have the courage to take some new training and leave your ego behind. Open mind, open heart!

Paul Howe teaching an instructor level course at CSAT, Nacogdoches, TX.

Even if you are a good shot, there is always more to learn. For example: When should you attempt to clear your house? Can you clear your house safely? At night? With your family in the house? Can you stop bleeding from a severe leg or arm wound? Under pressure in a tactical situation? While watching for threats? Can you fight around your car with a handgun? With your wife in or near the car? What if your strong hand is disabled, can you shoot with your weak hand? Are you in good enough shape to drag or carry your significant other or child to safety, and still fight with the other hand? Do you have the skill to break contact with an attacker and draw your concealed handgun?

You get the picture. There are a lot of skills to learn, and you will never learn 100% of what you need to, but you can learn enough to survive a life threatening encounter and save the people you love.

My personal goal is to take at least one class every year locally, and one from someone with a high level of skill in whatever you want to learn. Yes, money is always an issue, but think of it as a learning vacation that could possibly save your life or the life of someone you care about.

As a man, it is your responsibility to protect and defend your family and friends, I don't care what the feminist say about it! Be ready to step up and do the right thing when you have to. If you are trained up, you will be more confident, more aware, and have peace of mind about defending what you love.

So sign up for a class and go!

Instructor Lanny Hanks with another student at CRI Counter Terrorism and Advanced Bodyguard training in Las Vegas, NV.

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