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Shooting Drills Continued...

The Path Shooting Drill

Here is another one of my favorite shooting drills. You will need a shot timer and two extra magazines for this one. You can download a shot timer app on most phones for free if you do not have one. Sometimes I start from the holster, sometimes from the low ready position. I would advise starting from the low ready position to begin with. This is a tough drill! When you can consistently shoot this drill clean and under the 35 second par time, then start working from the holster. Remember there is no reason to re-holster your pistol fast! Always look your pistol into your holster.

You start with a loaded magazine and one in the chamber. On the buzzer, actually before the buzzer, select a starting circle and put the designated round(s) into that circle and then follow the line of your choice to the next circle. Again, shoot the amount of rounds for that circle. When you get to the larger circles you need to shoot three rounds and then do a reload. If you end on a reload the shot timer will miss your reload time, so in that case, reload as soon as you land on 3 and then shoot your three rounds. This drill is addicting! It focuses on precision, speed, and thinking skills. You have to find that happy place where speed and accuracy blend smoothly.

If you master this consistently, try it using your other hand. Have fun and as always, Train Often!

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