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Welcome to The Trigger Press Blog

Welcome to our first Def Comp The Trigger Press Blog! We want this to be worth your time to read and our time to write. Hell, I could be out on the range pinging steel and leaving spent brass all over the place. However, we, at Def Comp (DC), want to spread our addiction as teachers, students, and above all, our love for all things shooting! Our plan for this Blog is to have legal updates relating to concealed carry, our favorite range drills, cool photos, product specials, regional and national 3-Gun information, local opportunities for training, and exploiting everything 2nd Amendment!

We shoot a lot! Not like most people's "a lot". We really shoot A LOT - probably close to 2,000 rounds a month in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Old man winter dictates the cold weather shooting, but if the range is not under 12" of snow... we shoot! DEF COMP was born and it smells like gunpowder! Did you know that shooting is a skill that deteriorates little by little without consistent training? If you golf or have a friend that golfs, ask them about their average score and then go break their arm, leg, or hip. Sit back and wait until they heal and see what they hit after their "scheduled" time away from the sport. Shooting is no different. Except it's far, far more cool and chicks dig it! If you have something you want covered in this AMAZING Blog, just shoot us an email or let us know while you are attending one of our courses. We will see you on the range,


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