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3 Gun Fun Anyone?

We will soon be adding some very impressive targets to our range for all to enjoy. 3 Gun has spawned a vast array of challenging targets. One of my favorite targets is the Texas Star. This is a 5-armed star with circle targets on the end of each arm. The targets, when hit, fall off the arm. This causes the arms to be unbalanced so it starts turning and you have to shoot moving targets. As you shoot the remaining targets, the movement can change direction of the star, speed it up, or slow it down. There are a few tricks you can use to decrease the time

it takes to neutralize all five targets, but you will have to come and learn these tricks in person. This can be shot with pistol or shotgun. Once you get the hang of shooting this, you'll want to get the shot timer out. Just hearing the beep will make your plan go out the window! At least that's what happens to me on some match stages. I'll have the perfect plan; no one can beat me.... beep.... crap, what was I going to do? I just smile and walk away as they score my stage, plus penalties!

The next target we are adding is the 6-paddle plate rack with self resetting arm. These are fun targets to shoot. The paddles fall backwards when shot and after all six are knocked over you just pull the rope and it resets. It's voodoo, I think. Those who have shot out here on our range know the fun of shooting knock-overs. However, having to reset all the targets by hand can slow things down. One of the safety

features of this target system is the front blast plate. It is located just below the target paddles to deflect a low shot downward at about a 20-degree angle, to avoid a dangerous ricochet. (Thank God for spell check, I tore the hell out that word.)

Before I tell you about the last target we will be adding, I will explain what we will be doing. We love to shoot and to get others involved and trained in defensive and competitive shooting. (Hence the Def Comp name.) Def Comp will schedule 3 Gun Fun days where anyone who has already taken at least a beginner course of instruction and/or holds a valid CCW can come out and get infected by the challenge of sport shooting. We are not responsible for addictions but in case you get the bug, we will be doing these frequently. The only thing we ask is that you add a little money to our donation box. This is how we finance our sickness and add more great targets to the range. These fun days will be staffed by three NRA Certified Range Safety Officers (RSO). If you would like to become an RSO we have a course coming up at the end of the month in Gering, Nebraska. Then you could also assist as an RSO on range days.

The last target (or two) we will be adding in the near future is a spinner. This is all about timing. You can either shoot at the bottom target paddle or the top target paddle. When your bullet hits the steel it will start to swing rearward. The goal is to have the paddles complete one full rotation. Knowing this, you have to time shots to get the momentum inching higher and higher until it flips all the way over. Sounds easy, huh? It's not as easy as it sounds but working with it a few times will give you a firm understanding of this obstacle. If any of these targets seem impossible, change your thought process from impossible to I'm possible! You can do it.

Please watch our website and Facebook page for scheduled 3 Gun Fun days, and no, you do not have to be a 3 gun shooter to come out. Until then, be safe and train often!

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