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  • Lanny Hanks

Don't Be A Dick('s)

So Dick's Sporting Goods is going to solve mass shootings by no longer selling sporting rifles and/or turn their backs on the NRA and the 2nd Amendment. Well, let me correct that verbiage, "assault style rifles." Many years ago I threw a rock at a bird and killed it. This throw was one of one million times I have thrown a rock at a bird. Luck was on my side and I hit it. I did not walk around in the gravel looking for a black rock with an accessory rail or a folding stock. I just grabbed my caveman assault rock and pitched a no hitter taking out the small unarmed bird. An object killed that bird. The rock alone did nothing but lay on the ground minding it's own business. I had to select the rock, and use the rock as a tool. My actions killed the bird!

Timothy McVeigh used a rental truck, 55 gallon drums filled with fertilizer and killed 168 men, women, and children. You can still rent trucks, buy 55 gallon barrels, and get the explosive fertilizer. The fertilizer has more restrictions now, but if you think it can not be purchased you are wrong. No gun was used. The tragedy of 9/11 killed 2,977 innocent people. (I didn't count the 19 hijackers that chase their 72 virgins in death.) They choose their end, 2,977 did not! Weapon of choice: box cutters and airplanes. No gun was used! I could go on and on listing non-firearm mass killing where not one person marched to restrict or ban the objects used.

Here is a fact that you won't hear in the media: looking at FBI statistics from 2005 to 2011, the number of murders by hammers and clubs consistently exceeds the number of murders committed with a rifle. In 2005, the number of murders with a rifle was 445, while the number of murders with a hammers and clubs was 605. Similar statistics in 2006 show 438 killed with a rifle and 618 with a hammer or club. These numbers remain consistent year to year. In fact, nearly twice as many people are killed with hands and fists each year than are murdered with a rifle. Ban the rifle left wingers say... We all face far more exposure to death from carpenters tools or the dreaded club. On the other hand, it seems that if more people carried a firearm, less people would try and hit them with hammers or sticks!

Do we ever hear about the millions and millions of scary black gun owners that don't kill people? Do we hear about young people competing with these same scary rifles? Does the media report on the positives of gun ownership? Hell no! Even if somehow there was a total ban and confiscation of black rifles, do left-wingers really think mass killings would stop? Pull a fire alarm and drive a rental truck over hundreds standing outside a school... I hope the hell not! A determined killer will find a way. And to you left-wingers, remember that first paragraph above and if you come to take my guns I'll have my arm warmed up to give you a one in a million try!

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